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Step 2 | Notice Expired

Step 2: The Notice Expires

Step 2: The Notice Expires

The time period stated in the notice that was served in Step 1 has ended, and your tenant did not take the appropriate action that was demanded in the notice. For Example, if a 3-Day Notice for Nonpayment of Rent was issued and the tenant didn’t pay the rent, or if a 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy was issued and the tenant didn’t move out, then we can move on to Step 3 and Start the Eviction (aka file the Unlawful Detainer lawsuit).

If your tenant DID take the appropriate action (i.e. paid the rent, vacated, etc.), then we cannot start the eviction, and your case ends here.

If you prepared and served your own notice, and you would like us to review it for you, please email it with a copy of your lease to info@evictionservicecenter.com